Chi Gong

What is Chi Gong?

Chi Gong is a physical exercise and meditative art developed in China to relax body and mind and to improve health, strength, flexibility and sensitivity of touch. In Chi gong we use slow, relaxed movement as the focus for our meditation in contrast to other forms of meditation which use a mantra, picture or the breath as their focus.

Can anyone train to use Chi Gong?

In theory, yes, however it is essential for practitioners to allow themselves to develop the necessary sensitivity in order to successfully apply cranial Chi Gong therapy.

What are the potential benefits of Chi Gong?

The potential benefits of this treatment can include an improved sense of well being and, as an adjunct to other treatments offered, may encourage healing. Patients who have received this treatment have often reported an improvement in symptoms relating to feelings of anxiety, stress and post-traumatic stress disorders. Patients can also experience a sense of deep relaxation and often say that they find the experience to be profoundly calming.

Peter Smith OsteopathyWhat does treatment with Chi Gong involve?

The patient remains fully clothed throughout the treatment and will be asked to either sit or recline on their back. The treatment involves the practitioner gently resting his hands on the patient’s head and performing soft, subtle movements with the aim of calming and balancing the emotions via the soft touch receptors in the skin.